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A collection of selected works at Improbable, ranging motion design pieces for events to office culture videos for recruitment purposes.

Title: SpatialOS Brand Film

Year: 2019

Role: Motion Design / Editing

SpatialOS is a cloud development platform that provides networking, hosting, online services, and tools for developing and operating online multiplayer games, using any engine. It enables you to build and test early and efficiently, and transform gameplay at any stage, so that you can find your best game faster. []

The brand film encompasses all of the work the design team put in towards the SpatialOS rebranding project.

Title: SpatialOS Explainer

Year: 2019

Role: Motion Design / Editing / Sound

SpatialOS explainer videos used on interactive touchscreens for GDC 2019. Depending on how much a person knew what SpatialOS was, they could choose which video to watch in order to gain more insight.

Title: Working at Improbable

Year: 2017

Role: Videography / Editing

An office culture piece I created back in 2017 which showcased the working environment in Improbable

Title: Motion Evolution

Role: Concepting / Motion Design

A bonus look into some motion experiments I had worked on for logos and the motion language.

Title: GDC Socials

Year: 2019

Role: Motion Design / Editing / Sound

Videos used for social posts leading up to the event.

Website refresh

Hey everyone 🙂

It has been a long time coming, but I’ve finally managed to put some work in and refresh the website.

I have a lot of new content coming up here soon! The blog will serve as a behind the scenes of my work, along with insights into my workflow / gear. I’m making more of an effort to document my process and sharing the work leading up to the final project delivery.

Further down the line, I’ll be opening up the shop which will include digital goodies ranging from After effects templates to 3D (C4D) project files. There will also be other physical goods for sale which I plan to release by end of this year. For sneak peeks at what these are – follow me on instagram (@nekuro) and I’ll be dropping teasers on my stories.

I’ve been dormant on all platforms at the moment as I plan for my next big projects, but I’ll be back soon!